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9 Questions Entrepreneurs Should Ask Before Investing in Commercial Real Estate
This Business 2 Community article reviews the advantages and disadvantages of commercial properties and encourages readers to invest in commercial real estate. According to the author of this article, while commercial real estate promises higher returns than residential real estate, they also require higher capital investments. Thus, before making an investment decision about a commercial property, the investor is asked to carefully review such issues as investment goals, the commercial real estate market outlook, investment parameters, specific types of CRE, financial parameters of given commercial properties, risk-reward profile, tenants contributions, responsibilities of the landlord, and the available variety of leases. The author feels that a commercial real estate investor can make a sound investment decision only after reviewing these nine important issues concerning commercial properties.

Florida Investment Network
The is a portal that matches investors with entrepreneurs seeking capital. The website targets Florida locals, specifically Miami investors, who are looking for entities worth investing in within the boundaries of Florida State. The current trend in the U.S. is for the angel investors to invest in American businesses. is an investment opportunity enabler to those investors who may be specifically looking for underfunded entrepreneurs in Miami. These entrepreneurs are usually cash-strapped and unable to procure traditional funding from banks. Digital platforms such as this one are making great strides in bringing the underfunded startups or small businesses and investors together. If anyone is looking for an entrepreneurial investment opportunity, is a good place to start.

Investing in Greek Tourism Industry
This Huffington Post article rationalizes why investing in Greek tourism industry is a sound business proposition. According to this article, between 2012 and 2015, Greece enjoyed phenomenal growth in tourism with double-digit growth rates for the first two years and promise of similar tourism trends in the future. The Year 2013 witnessed a 15 percent increase of international tourists over 2012, and a 23 percent increase over 2014. The year of publication of this article, 2015 also witnessed the same tourism trend in spite of capital controls. Greece is strategically located with stable infrastructure and low labor costs. Recently, the Greek Government has extended a warm welcome to international investors. In 2014, tourism contributed to 29.4 Billion Euros in GDP, which is 17.3 percent of Greek GDP. A staggering 11.8 Billion Euros out of the tourism GDP provided direct or indirect employment to Greek nationals, out of which 19.4 percent was paid employment opportunities in Greeceís private sector.

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Warren Buffett Reveals His Secrets for Investing in Real Estate
America Online in this article recounts honest admissions of Warren Buffet about real estate investments. Buffet made these public declarations through a letter to the shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway. In this letter, Buffet illustrated two real estate investments, one of which was a 400-acre farm he bought in Nebraska, and the other, a retail property in New York. While discussing these two personal investments, he shared some pearls of wisdom about real estate investments. His lessons in real estate investments can be summed up as undervalued properties make good investment candidates, the investor should think income and not rice appreciation, focus should be on underutilized properties, partnerships can help fill gaps in investment expertise, and the macro view is more important than the micro view.

An Insider's Perspective on Miami's Real-Estate Market
Miami Herald in this article reveals the sentiments of the Miamiís red-hot real estate market. In a survey conducted in association with Bendixen & Amandi International, the leading newspaper says that unlike 2015, luxury real estate market in 2016 is dominated by local buyers. Traditionally, investors from China and Europe were investing heavily into Miamiís luxury real estate market. However, changing climate and tepid returns seems to have dampened the spirits of these off-shore investors considerably. Only around 33 percent buyers this year were from overseas while the remaining 66 percent were domestic investors and buyers or luxury real estate in Miami. International hotel investor Laith Pharaon is founder of Orca Holding.


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