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Treating Urinary Tract Infections: A Woman's Perspective
This web site offers information about urinary tract infections (UTI) and says that most are not serious, but are painful. The site says that "Approximately fifty percent of all women will have at least one UTI in her lifetime with many women having several infections throughout their lifetime." These infections can be easily treated with antibiotics that cause the symptoms to quickly disappear. But some women seem are more prone to repeated infections than others and for them it can be a frustrating condition. Learn more about UTIs and how to diagnose and treat them here.

HealthyLife.Net Online Talk Radio
Founded in 2001, the radio network now broadcasts with 24/7 programming and you can listen live with streaming audio on the website. Programs covering a wide range of health-related topics, from food and healthy lifetstyle issues, to empowerment and spirituality. The founder of HealthlyLife.Net Radio Network Linda Mackenzie has written columns and articles for all kinds health publications, from Los Angeles Health & Fitness Magazine and Natural Pharmacy Magazine, to Natural Medicine Quarterly and South Bay Woman Magazine.

Natural Menopause Remedies for Women
This article explains several natural menopause remedies to help reduce symptoms affiliated with the hormone imbalance, which is defined as the incorrect relationship of progesterone and estrogen levels in the body. This article explains which options are best for different women of backgrounds and various health conditions. Some women use progesterone cream during menopause and some use estrogen creams. It says that the best thing women can do is exercise briskly during menopause.


Tahitian Noni Juice and Ichthyosis
This is a board where many mothers discuss using Tahitian noni juice to treat the ichthyosis in their children. Many buy Tahitian noni juice online from noni juice distributors and have been very satisfied with their noni juice purchase. One user asks about taking other herbal remedies at the same time, and some useful information about using noni juice is offered.

What Can a Chiropractor Do For Your Neck Pain?
In this article from News-Medical.net, neck pain sufferers can explore another opinion as to the efficacy of chiropractic spinal manipulation on chronic neck pain. It's a great overview for information, as it's a literature review combining the results of nine already-published trials. Neck pain is one of the more common complaints in a chiropractor's office, according to this article, with 18 percent of those patients naming it their primary issue.

Noni for Sports Injury Recovery
An article from the Boston Globe discusses how Terrell Owens played in the Super Bowl and attributed his healing from an injury to noni juice. He admits that noni has a weird taste, but it helped. Owens also credited God with his ability to heal, said he wasn't sure much about noni juice, but added that it definitely helped him heal.


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