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The Chiropractor is in at the Doctor's Lounge
The Doctor's Lounge web site is geared toward physicians, students, and other medical personnel. The site contains 48 articles dealing with chiropractic care. Find information about low back pain, the significance of strong pain in the upper left back, severe chronic pain in the lower neck and upper back areas, and cramping in the back region. Disc herniation, sciatic nerve damage, neck and shoulder pain, and cervical neck injuries are also covered here. Information about chronic headaches, foot numbness, head injuries, and Parkinson's Disease is provided here.

Colon Health Tips for Women
According to this article at ColonHealth.net, colon cancer is the second cancer disease in the US with most number of deaths, next to lung cancer. The post therefore explains the benefits of colon cleansing or colon hydrotherapy, a process wherein means toxins and waste are being removed from your colon before they decay and be absorbed by the walls of your colon. There is also a list of symptoms associated with the waste build up and constipation. There is also a brief description about colonic irrigation, and how it is being done.

All About Tahitian Noni Juice
Tahitian noni juice was first researched by food scientist John Wadsworth in the 90s. He went to Tahiti to find out more about Tahitian noni juice. He found out that the noni fruit was high in antioxidants and rich in a history of helping people. He partnered with other scientists and spent nearly three years formulating Tahitian Noni juice - a product that has never been duplicated. Also discussed here are the benefits of Tahitian noni juice, such as treating cancer, supporting the immune system and helping the digestive system.


Don't Let Age Take Your Vitality. EXERCISE NOW!
As you age you naturally put on weight and lose muscle tone. This process can be minimized, if not halted, by a regular fitness program. This site offers tips for beginning aerobic activities without crushing your wallet. Cleaning and yard work, adding music to programs and taking vitamins are only a few of the tips you'll find.

11 Tips for Coping with Menopause
For many women, menopause is surrounded by rumor and misinformation. Stories of menopausal hot flashes, vaginal dryness, wrinkles, weight gain, depression, anxiety, thinning hair, and loss of sex drive may have you dreading "the change." This article will explain the change and give you practical tips for dealing with menopause. Too often, women confuse natural aging changes with menopause. The few symptoms actually associated with the hormonal changes during menopause can usually be handled with a few minor lifestyle changes.

How Do I Give Myself a Spa Facial?
If you ever wondered how to give yourself a spa-quality facial, this article tells you how to do it in eight steps, which include: opening the facial pores, cleansing the face, exfoliating the skill, apply a mask to moisturize, reduce oil and shrink pores, place cucumbers slices on eyes, perform a facial massage, apply moisturizer or cold cream, and apply toner to refresh and refine the skin. The article also lists everything you'll need for the job.


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