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8 Beauty Tips to Have Beautiful Feet on BeautyAndTips.com
Just everyone else, you want to have beautiful feet especially during summer when you wear sandals and flip flops. To start with, always wear shoes that fit you. Besides the discomfort, wearing tight wrong shoes will wear your feet down quickly. You can also visit a foot bath from time to time, or simply soak them in a bucket of warm water at home. After soaking, remove the rough or dry areas using a foot scrub. To allow your feet to breath, avoid wearing shoes at home. For you nail polish, remove the old layer before applying a new one. For more tips, check this article at BeautyAndTips.com.

Health and Fitness from BellaOnline
BellaOnline: The Voice of Women, provides a comprehensive section of health and fitness articles organized in four categories: Fitness, Health, Pregnancy & Birth, and Your Mind. The Fitness section covers such things as bellydancing and martial arts, in addition to exercise, walking, weight loss and yoga. The Health section covers the full gamut common problems, from cancers to nutrition and alternative medicine. The Pregnancy & Birth section covers infertility, conception and miscarriage. The Yor Mind section has articles on ADD, depression, migraines, general mental health and alzheimers.

Diet and Nutrition Tips for Women of All Ages
No matter how old you are, you should always commit yourself in having a healthy diet. As a start, always eat your breakfast to get your metabolism going in the morning. For your meal, you should choose the right kinds of carbohydrates. This includes whole grain brown rice, stone ground whole wheat, and beans. As oppose to what many people say, not all fats are bad. Among the good ones are Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, and olive oil. These healthy fats are great for healthy brain function and pregnant women. For more diet and nutrition tips for women, read this article at HelpGuide.org.

Why You Should Workout Now
People need to exercise. With exercise many medical conditions can be better controlled or may even help to cure. Exercise lowers heart rate, reduces the risk of heart disease, promotes strong and healthy bones, leads to a stronger cardiovascular system, helps control emotional stress and many other benefits to women. Women may live longer than men, but they don't necessarily live better.


Soy: A Natural Remedy for Menopause?
Soy is being widely promoted as a natural alternative to HRT. This is because it contains genistein, a plant estrogen that has similar but weaker effects to normal estrogen found in women. This article says that Dr. Saffron Whitehead, reader in reproductive physiology at St. George's Hospital Medical School, London, said new studies on human cells have shown that genistein and other phyto-oestrogens may also stop the enzymes that comprise these hormones." This finding is potentially important to the phyto-oestrogen story," Whitehead added in a statement. "We really don't know how phyto-oestrogens act in the human body. They could be weak estrogen mimics, estrogen blockers or enzyme inhibitors. If they do stop the natural production of estrogens, we should consider whether soy supplements be sold as a natural alternative to HRT," Whitehead explains.

22 Essential Homemade Beauty Tips for Fair Skin
There are a lot ways to have a beautiful, fair skin. Some of them are free and you can easily do at the comfort in your home. According to this article at StyleCraze.com, drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water every day. You should also exercise at least 30 minutes every day, practice a skin care routine, and maintain a good sleep. But make sure you remove your make up before you sleep. In addition, you should pamper your skin using some face packs. This includes tea water and honey, oats and lemon, yogurt and dried orange peel, milk and saffron, and many more. The other ingredients and application method are explained further here.


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