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The goal of this organization, WomenHeart: The National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease, is to provide information and encourage discussion about progress, problems and solutions regarding women's cardiovascular health issues, to assemble people to collect information about women's cardiovascular health research projects and much more. There are research projects listed and other links about cardiovascular health issues for women. In addition, the resources section has information about cardiovascular health interventions in women, cardiovascular disease risk profiles, an online toolkit, putlications, healthy recipes, tools to find a cardiologist and cardia rehab near you, resources for people living with chronic diseases, and more.

Interview with Dr. Brandon Harshe from the Atlas of Life Chiropractic Blog
Dr. Brandon Harshe created The Atlas of Life blog, devoted to the practice of chiropractic care in the upper cervical area of your anatomy. It's one of the most valuable and active chiropractic blogs on the web. It's a virtual library of information about upper cervical care, complete with recommended links on issues and data including chiropractors, health centers, illustrations, and more. It's an excellent resource for consumers looking for answers about chiropractic care, doctors and chiropractic students interested in networking with colleagues in the field. Site visitors will find little-known, yet insightful pieces of information—for example, there are only 70 full-time researchers in the chiropractic field, as compared to 12,000 researchers at one pharmaceutical company alone.

Five Steps For Natural Menopause Relief
This article includes information about menopause, from the early symptoms of perimenopause to postmenopause. It says most women experience menopause at around age 50 to 52. The author, a doctor, says these five natural alternatives will help: 1) stop symptoms with optimal nutrition, 2) try herbal remedies as adaptogens for your hormones, 3) find exercise you love to reduce fat and improve estrogen and progesterone ratios, 4) take steps to reduce stree, and 5) understand that emotions play a vital role in our health. The author says that the natural approach can work even if you're experiencing severe symptions. a big benefit to the natural approach is that you don't have the added side effects you get with the commonly prescribed medications, such as antidepressants. The key is to find the natural and powerful combination that works best for you, the author says.


WomensHealthMag.com is the online version of Women's Health magazine. This site is loaded with tons of articles concerning women. This includes issues and tips about health, beauty, fitness, sex and love, fashion and lifestyle, food, and weight loss. You can also read some successful stories of ordinary women, and updates on famous females celebrities. One particular article talks about the beauty secrets of gorgeous Hollywood stars who are already over 40. Another article tells the real story of woman who took control of her eating habits and lost more than 150 lbs.

Better Winter Skin Care
Winter can wreak havoc on skin for men and women, but many women are more concerned. The article says that keeping your skin in prime condition can be a challenge, especially in winter when not only are conditions more extreme, but your skin will be facing sudden changes in temperature. That's why exfoliating skin is so imperative for healthier skin. Cleansing and toning are also important and mentioned here. And of course, to keep skin hydrated in the winter, you must moisturize, and moistureize the entire day, and before bed. Interesting, the article also says to care for your hand palms, because the skin in thinner, and recommends wearing gloves.

Uses of Hawaiian Noni Juice
This article discusses how Hawaiian noni juice is used, including a noni juice elixir. The food connoisseurs discuss how to liven up your noni juice drink. You can learn about what noni juice is, and many recipes to spice up the taste, because alone it is not well liked by many people. There are many options so you can buy Hawaiian noni online and then make it quite tasty.


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