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New Health Threats Every Women Should Know by Glamour Magazine
For women, health threats are everywhere. But the ones that seem to be very dangerous these days are the ones they thought are their best friends. In this very informative article by Glamour Magazine, you’ll have a better idea on the new toxins that significantly affect your health. To start with, you have the chemicals found in personal-care products such as soap, as well as food containers. You can read here summaries of some studies about Bisphenol A (BPA), phthalates, and tributyltin (TBT). There are also some interesting views on chemicals found in food that can potentially make you fat, and toxic ingredients in soap can affect your fertility.

The Benefits of Tai Chi
Tai chi is a martial art known for both is self-defense techniques as well as its health benefits. This article on Medical News Today explains the health benefits of tai chi as an exercise, which combines gentle physical exercise and stretching, with mindfulness. Tai chi improves balance and flexibility, and therefore control and fitness. Thus, it reduces the risk of falls for older people. It also seems to reduce pain and symptoms of depression. This article discusses the types of tai chi and its history. The site also has information on tai chi for beginners, a tai chi video, techniques and exercises.

Women's Health Topics: From Heart Disease to Fertility
Women's health information is simply a click away with this clearinghouse of links on the government site MedlinePlus, covering just about every women's health topic. From postpartum depression, breast health, PMS and menopause to pregnancy, osteoporosis and ovarian cancer, one can click on a health condition and find more information about the condition, its symptoms and how to stay in optimal health if you are a woman.

Women's Health Issues: Fertility, Sexuality, Aging and More
Aphrodite Women's Health is a health news and article information clearinghouse full of updated women's health information ranging from female sexuality and weight loss to fertility and menopause. The site has separate sections for each, where women can find more in-depth information. A forum where you can meet other women and discuss women's health issues is provided, as is a relationship advice question and answer section.


Specalized Chiropractors Practice Helps More than the Back
This web site is devoted to the practice of Sacro Occipital Technic, an offshoot of traditional chiropractic care devised by Dr. Major B. DeJarnette more than 50 years ago. The site is geared towards both the profession and the patient, and includes a detailed FAQ that explains the evolution of S.O.T., and what functions of the body S.O.T. is designed to restore, such as high blood pressure, digestive issues, female reproductive issues and even headaches, ear infections and TMJ. You'll also find links to articles and research, a doctor locator, certification information, seminars, products and services. For a chiropractor Los Angeles see Cooper Chiropractic Wellness Center.

Flu Shot Recommendations
The site BellaOnline: The Voice of Women has an article by guest author Jamie Robertson that provides all the key facts about flu shots, which is a vaccine that helps prevent specific strains of the flu virus, and needs to be given each year. In any given year, scientists determine just which strains are circulating and should be defended against. The article lists all the types of people who should get the flue shot, as well as who should not get the shot. The article discusses side effects of the vaccination, such as soreness, redness or swelling on the area of the body where the shot was given. Also discusses is when to get the flu shot—usually from about September through beginning of January.


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