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10 Reasons Why Parents Take Healthy Children to Chiropractors
Dr. Jennifer Barham-Floreani discusses the ten reasons why there are parents who still bring their children to Doctors of Chiropractic (DCs) even if they are healthy. But first, the post noted that chiropractic care is not a cure to any health challenge but rather to ensure that the nervous system has all the opportunities to communicate clearly and work effectively. Dr. Jen also suggests that babies can be checked by chiropractors very soon after birth. Some of the reasons mentioned are to encourage good brain and nerve development, and to help strengthen a child’s immunity.

6 Secrets of Kids Who Rarely Get Sick
Children are more susceptible to illness than adults because kids’ immune systems are not as developed as adults’ immune systems are. However, this does not mean that it is natural for children to get sick too frequently. Sometimes parents wonder why their child gets sick more often than the neighbor’s brood, or why a certain child from daycare does not seem to get well from his cold. This article from Parents Magazine presents six secrets of children who hardly ever get sick. These tips include frequent handwashing, regular physical activity, adequate sleep, proper hygiene, and a healthy balanced diet.

Sports Nutrition for Kids
Parents whose kids are into sports have a responsibility to give their kids the right kind of foods. Such foods will help the children perform well in their chosen sport. In this article from Super Healthy Kids, a parent asks for snack ideas she could give her son who has track practice in the afternoon after school - what kind of snack should she make for her son in order to satisfy his hunger and still supply the nutrients he needs? Suggested pre-event snack ideas include cold cereal with bananas and milk plus jam on toast and water; toast, scrambled eggs, and fruit; and oatmeal with honey, fruit, and nuts. During events, kids can snack on fruits, crackers or granola bars.

Why Physical Activity is Necessary in Children
Physical inactivity has become a serious problem in the U.S., as more than half of U.S. adults do not meet recommended levels of moderate physical activity. Inactivity has been found to be more prevalent among those with lower income and education, and, beginning in adolescence. Inactivity, also known as sedentism, begins early in life, which means having active toddlers, children and teens is imperative. This site explains why children need exercise, and how they can get it.

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10 Tips for Feeding Kids Healthy Food
For parents, mealtimes can be a drag - especially if their children insist on eating high-calorie yet less nutrient-dense foods such as sweets and chips. Parents know that their children need to eat healthy, but most of them do not know how to make their children eat healthy. This article provides tips on how to encourage kids to eat right. One of the tips offered is for parents to be their children’s role models. Kids do what parents do, so parents must model the desired behaviors for their children, such as eating at the table free of gadgets and/or TV, choosing and eating nutritious snacks, and eating on time.

Keeping Infants Safe Around Puppies
In this post by trainer Jennifer Warner Jacobsen, who works at, she explains some very important factors to consider to families with babies who would like to adopt a new dog or a puppy. Ms. Jacobsen discussed the importance of choosing the ages of puppies and babies before they can be allowed to live together in the same house. To make sure that the baby is safe, proper introduction of the baby to the dog should be observed and must be under very strict supervision. There are also tips on what adults should teach their young children as they grow up with the puppy.


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