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Indoor Plant Grow Lights
Horticultural lighting systems allow you to extend the growing season by providing your plants with an indoor equivalent to sunlight. This is a great advantage for those who want a year-round supply of fresh flowers, veggies and herbs. Artificial lighting is also a great way to jump-start spring by starting your seedlings months ahead of the last frost. There are three main types of horticultural lighting systems. This website gives a little detail about metal halide lighting, high pressure sodium lighting and fluorescent plant grow lights.

Tips from House and Garden Magazine
Tip o' plenty appear on this site that serves as the website for House and Garden magazine. For instance, learn about decorating, gardening, home improvement, cooking, and house and garden shows. The site even features a shopping area where you can purchase anything for your home. Hot-tos, books, and other websites help you get all the information about the topic you are researching. For more information you can even subscribe to this popular and useful magazine.

Gardening Tips & Tricks for Every Season
This section on the site Irish Country Living is by top gardeners Gerry Daly and Lily Champ, who share their advice for flower and vegetable care. It's a great online gardening resource to get up to date on gardening news, or try out seasonal tasks. There is also a video and audio section providing the latest from Farmers Journal TV.This simple site packs in a lot of information in an easy-to-use format. Log on and start your garden education.

For more examples, see ForBetterGardening.

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House and Garden Magazine Shares Tips with Internet Users
The House and Garden magazine web site is full of helpful tips for readers. Find out about home improvement, cooking, decorating and gardening here. The shopping area of the web site offers a number of products for the home, and how to's and books are also listed here. Site visitors who like the information they see posted online can subscribe to the magazine if they wish.

Top Tips for Garden Lighting
Gardens are becoming an important part of a home, not only because of their function but also because of the way they enhance the living experience. But unlike the home’s interiors, a garden does not need to be lit up entirely; at night, one can decide which parts to illuminate and which areas to be left in the shadows. In this article, one can read about lighting tips and tricks that will surely bring out the beauty of a garden. Tips include making sure that the LED lights used in the garden match, that cables are hidden, and that all connections are sealed.


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