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Vegetable Planting Calendar by The Old Farmer's Almanac
The Old Farmer's Almanac provides much-needed information on the best time to plant, transplant, and harvest vegetables. It covers all four seasons of the year and allows farmers and gardeners to calculate the best time to start growing their crops and plants. In order to see the planting dates on an area, one just needs to enter the city, state or the zip code on the search bar in the page to see a table of which vegetables can be sowed indoors and outdoors at certain times of the year. Alternatively, one can click on the US or Canadian state or province to get the information they need. This resource also provides answers to frequently asked questions.

Your Garden Has Information Growers Need to Know
Check out the Your Garden web site for informative articles on garden topics. The menu of items listed here includes a handy Q@A, tips and tricks, directories and some gardening humor for your perusal. The search tool allows visitors to look under six categories (services, reference, leisure, maintenance, plants, and features). The Exchange portion of the site allows gardeners who are looking for seeds or other items to connect with each other.

How to Start a New Garden
This lush gardening site on contains a lot of information on how to create a wonderful garden. Menu items include, creating a garden, know your soil, create deep fertile loam, and a section on knowing where the sun shines. This site is here to help gardeners create the "ideal vision" of their garden. The site hopes to provide inspiration and information to future gardeners.

How to Use the USDA's Planting Zone Map
This article by Tom Oder, a writer with a passion for environmental and sustainable writing, discusses how gardeners can make use of the 2012 USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map the way it was intended to be used. In this article, USDA's Agriculture Research Service public specialist Kim Kaplan cautions people against thinking that the map is a proof of worsening global warming. Instead, the map should be used for what it really is – a guide for determining which plants can be grown in one’s garden based on the lowest temperatures in one's area. The article also points out the differences between the 2012 map and the previous map.


Detailed Hydroponics Information Available
Author Keith Roberto shares his expertise about hydroponics with readers. Find out the strategies that can be used to make this gardening method most productive. It can be used to grow a wide variety of plants, and when gardeners go hydroponic, they can expect to get a yield that is higher than with other methods, as well as product that is bursting with vitamins, essential oils and flavor. Get step-by-step instructions for hydroponic gardening, including diagrams and photographs. System plans covering eight types of areoponic and hydroponic systems are also included here.

Get Tree Planting Advice from the Plant Man
Get expert advice from ProGardenBiz Landscape and Garden magazine's own expert, the Plant Man! He deals with a number of helpful topics, such as transplanting trees, how to install a water garden, creative ways to use railroad ties and how to save time when watering the garden. Each issue of ProGardenBiz is chock full of helpful information, advice from experts, and a selection of products and services. Subscribing to this online publication is free and easy to do.


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