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Get Building Cost Estimates Fast
Building-Cost.net provides a handy online calculator that will help building contractors work up accurate estimates for construction projects, including labor and material costs. The calculator factors in the design features for the project, location, size of the home, materials used, and more. Input the specifics and let the calculator do the rest! Best of all, the calculator is a free online tool. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter to receive informative articles and special offers.

Build Your Own Outdoor Firepit
Check out the step-by-step instructions for building your own outdoor fire pit posted here. Find out how to prepare the area, why you should stay away from stones that have been immersed in water and how to deal with drainage. Digging a hole and laying the stone are covered, as well as stacking additional layers of stone on the first one. Discover tips for setting the steel ring over the fire pit. An informational video has also been provided to demonstrate the process from start to finish.

Building Your Own Home a Helpful Guide for UK Residents
Visit Building Your Own Home to find out more about arranging financing for a custom home in the UK, locating and purchasing a building plot, and building a kit (prefabricated home. You will also learn about budgeting, project planning, building regulations, and what to consider if you are thinking about doing some of the construction work yourself.

Ever Wanted to Live in a "Green" House? Let Lisa Sharkey and her Architect Hubby Show You How It's Done!
Lisa Sharkey and Paul Gleicher, an architect, bought a townhouse in New York and undertook to build their own earth-friendly living space for themselves and their children. Not only can you go on a virtual tour of this lovely home, but you can check out some great articles provided from Good Housekeeping on how you can go "green" as well, how to recycle coffee grounds, what to do with packing peanuts, and more.

Considering Building with Hardwood? Check Out the American Hardwood Information Center
Are American hardwoods the right choice for your home? Explore the American Hardwood Information Center to learn about the latest trends in hardwood. In addition to flooring, hardwood can be used for cabinet construction, woodwork, furniture, and toys. If you have questions about the installation or care of hardwood products, then this informative site is a must-see for you. Check out the range of product choices available and what you need to consider before using American hardwood for your construction project. Learn about green building products and natural materials here, too.

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House and Garden Magazine Shares Tips with Internet Users
The House and Garden magazine web site is full of helpful tips for readers. Find out about home improvement, cooking, decorating and gardening here. The shopping area of the web site offers a number of products for the home, and how to's and books are also listed here. Site visitors who like the information they see posted online can subscribe to the magazine if they wish.

Earthly Pursuits Garden Tips
This site had an idea: publish old-fashioned gardening tips, tricks and wisdom from the 18-20th centuries. These tips were taken from books, magazines, pamphlets and other writings. The index of tips includes four categories: vegetable tips, organic insect & weed control tips, miscellaneous tips, and handy devices. For instance, there is a 1918 article on making pumpkins grow fast and a 1888 article on driving nails into hard wood. This site offers a unique way to tackle a problem or improve your garden. This site also has features on companion planting, recipes, and has a list of flowers and their meanings. This is a simple site with a lot of information.

Popular Mechanics Provides Roof Repair Information to Consumers
Popular Mechanics provides helpful information about roof repair for consumers. By checking out the images of the elements of a roof posted here, homeowners can be better informed when it's time to find a contractor for their roof repair or replacement. Other information posted here includes how to estimate the amount of materials required to do the job, and the kinds of materials that can be used for this purpose.


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