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Straight From the Expert's Mouth—Tips From A Building Engineer Turned Blogger
Looking for home construction or improvement tips? Structural engineer Todd Fratzel, P.E. hosts an online blog full of tips for DIYers of any level of ability. Simply scroll down and peruse the home improvement posts for the tip you need—you'll find useful information on any number of home improvement or remodeling projects, such as hanging doors, ventilation tips, boosting cable signals, square footage cost estimates on new construction, and high efficiency gas fireplaces.He's also included links to additional home improvement blogs and the opportunity to sign up for an e-mail newsletter so you can receive home improvement tips directly into your in-box.

Your Garden Has Information Growers Need to Know
Check out the Your Garden web site for informative articles on garden topics. The menu of items listed here includes a handy Q@A, tips and tricks, directories and some gardening humor for your perusal. The search tool allows visitors to look under six categories (services, reference, leisure, maintenance, plants, and features). The Exchange portion of the site allows gardeners who are looking for seeds or other items to connect with each other.

Want to Be an Owner Builder? Get the Expert Advice You Need From UBuildIt!
If you are considering becoming an owner builder but would like to get some guidance, then consider hiring a consultant from UBuildIt. By using this system, you are in control of the project but you don't have to go it alone. Find out how a consultant can help you build the home of your dreams and help you bring in the project on time and on budget. If you need to find a building lot, an architect, house plans, or qualified subcontractors in your area, UBuildIt can help you find the resources you need. UBuildIt can even suggest a lender if you need to arrange financing.

Outdoor Gel Fireplaces Offer Multiple Benefits
Homeowners who are looking for an interesting feature to add to their backyard or patio area can consider one of the attractive outdoor gel fireplaces on the market. This is an attractive addition to any outdoor living space that has the look of an outdoor fireplace but burns clean gel fuel instead of wood. The owner doesn't need to buy, cut or stack anything to use it. No chimney or electricity is required to operate one and you can see how beautiful these features are by looking at the images provided.


Trusted Gardening Advice from Black and Decker
Get helpful gardening tips from Black and Decker here. Visitors to the site can check out information about caring for lawns, trees and hedges. Information about which products are recommended for different jobs is also provided.

Table Saw Outfeed Plans for Mobile and Folding and Adjustable Workbenches Make Projects Easier
When you are working on a construction project at home, you don't want to have to wait for your spouse or one of your children to be available to help you with long boards. This site includes 15 table saw outfeed plans for use with mobile workbenches and folding and adjustable workbenches. Also included here are outfeed stand plans and outfeed table videos.

Pearce Construction Builds to Suit in Reno
Are you looking for builder in or near Reno, Nevada? Consider Pearce Construction for your custom project. Visitors to the site can see examples of this company's work in the $850,000 and up range. Click on Construction Tips to find out how to choose the right builder and architect for you, how to control concrete expansion, installing drywall and windows, and hardwood floors.

Find Out How You Can Create Your Own Garden
This impressive online resource offers a great deal of helpful information on how to create a garden. It includes tips on getting to know what kind of soil a particular location has, how to create deep fertile loam, and evaluating the amount of sun a garden receives. It allows visitors to create an ideal vision of their garden and provides inspiration for gardeners at all levels of experience.


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