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Traveling Tips for Seniors on the Go
Everyone wants to enjoy traveling during their golden years. There is much to see and do for elders, but they should make sure they heed a few travel advice tips, which are featured on this website. First, make sure you get enough rest, as traveling can be tiring and stressful and you want to be able to enjoy your trip. Also, be sure to eat lightly and stay away from spicy foods. In addition, be careful about water in countries other than North America, Northern Europe, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, as it may not be safe to drink the tap water. Also, try to get some exercise to reduce swelling that can occur when seated for a long time. Other tips include reviewing health information and keeping a list of important numbers on you, wearing a medical ID bracelet and wearing enough sunscreen.

Growing Old, Keeping Fit
Most people are scared of growing old because they feel that aging is characterized by a progressive loss of essential body functions that they have taken for granted over the years. Conditions such as loss of vision, hearing, teeth, memory, intelligence, sexual drive, muscle strength and vigor seem to be common fears. This article discusses ways to grow old in a healthy way. Tips include eating a balanced diet, going to doctors for regular checkups, exercising regularly, practicing safe habits at home to prevent falls, staying in touch with family and friends, avoiding overexposure to the sun, drinking in moderation, keeping records handy, and staying positive. Itís important to work on these habits as you age so they are part of a healthy lifestyle when you are a senior citizen.


Senior Care: Tips for Fall Prevention
As many elders age, their bones become brittle and are susceptible to breaks and fractures. Thatís why taking calcium supplements or eating calcium-rich foods isnít enough. There are some tips seniors can take to prevent falls. This article explains them, which includes: designing a safe home environment that reduce risks, getting quality medical care including vision checkups, installing railings in your home in areas needed, installing bright lighting, and more.

Office of Healthy Aging: Elder Resources for Massachusettsí Residents
Seniors living in Massachusetts can benefit from the resources on this website, which features information on the state governmentís Office of Healthy Aging. It has information on the divisionís initiatives, including the Keep Moving Program, which encourages elder walking clubs; the Massachusetts Geriatric Substance Abuse Task Force, which provides awareness and training on substance abuse and misuse in older people; the Geriatric Education Center, which features information on healthy aging, and more. Includes sites related to senior issues. A section of conferences and events is included.


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