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Bathroom Redecorating Ideas from Good Housekeeping
The design of your bathroom determines its overall mood and energy according to bathroom decorating ideas on Before you do anything with your bathroom, try to figure out the mood you want to create. If it's attached to the master bedroom, you may not want to decorate with "hot" or flashy colors. Better to go with soothing colors and dimmed lights to promote relaxation. However, if it's a bathroom that is in general use for anyone in the house during the day, you may want to present a bright, cheery mood, at which point you're free to break out the bold color palette. An important consideration is how much natural and artificial light you've got in the bathroom, and how that is going to affect your chosen color scheme and accessories. If you're working in tight quarters, don't worry—even if space is limited, your decorative possibilities are not. There are a wide variety of small accessories and essentials from which to chose. You can do a lot for a bathroom by choosing matching or complementary towels, cups, soap dishes, tissue holders, shower curtains, glasses, wall coverings and window treatments. When your accessories match, the bathroom will usually present a much neater, organized look.

How to Choose the Right Bathroom Tile
This post was written by Jordan Mawbey for, the official website of the Yorkshire Tile Company. According to Mawbey, bathroom tiles should offer proper hygiene, noting that tiles are water resistant but not water-proof. He has suggestions on how to choose the right bathroom tile size, as well as how tiles can make small bathrooms look bigger. Jordan also explained a process called undertile heating, which makes tiles warmer. He is also offering a free use of tile calculator that homeowners can use if they want to know many square meters of tiles they need during bathroom renovation.

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Redecorating Your Bathroom
The bathroom is the perfect place to enjoy a spa like setting. Just by adding a nice floral arrangement, you can instantly turn your bathroom into an attractive setting. The moisture will keep your plants fresh and beautiful and it's just one of those simple tricks anyone can do. Decor Secrets Revealed is a one-day decorating ebook like no other. You cannot get it anywhere else but on this site. It's a furniture-arranging bonanza, which also covers how to arrange accessories such as art, plants, pillows, object d'art, lamps and much more. Advertisements for her book are included, so you need to buy it to get most of the tips.

23 Ideas for Kids Bathroom Design
This article by Sherry Nothingam at features more than 20 different designs of bathrooms for kids. In the introduction, Sherry notes that there is no limitation when it comes to colors and shades in kids' bathrooms. Each design on this page comes with a photo and caption. Among the kids' bathroom design themes shown here are yellow rubber duck, underwater, and vivid jungle. Each bathroom has an ergonomic set up and sufficient space so kids can enjoy more, and accompanied by adequate lighting. Kids also have easy access to everything they need while they are inside the bathroom.


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