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6 Myths on Women's Health You Thought Were True on Oprah.com
Oprah.com brings you the six interesting myths about women's health. The first myth is the McClintock Effect (also known as menstrual synchronicity), a theory wherein women who live together tend to have synchronized menstrual periods over time. The second myth is that women don't have Adam's apple, while the third one is that babies are the main reason why women gain weight. Fourth, men's bladders are significantly much bigger than that of women's. Fifth, men have better sense of humor than women. And for the sixth and probably the most interesting myth, women tend to reach their peak on sex at the age of 35.

Five Tips for Natural Skin Care
Written by Cathy Wong, the alternative medicine specialist at About.com, she recommends giving yourself a dry brush exfoliation, revving up your digestive track by eating beans, ground flaxseeds, apples and whole grains, improving your circulation for better skin care, avoiding excess sugar and eating good fats such as cold water fish, supplements and flaxseed and walnut oil. These are all great skin care tips for women.

Test Your Heart's Health
Cardiovascular disease, unlike many other diseases, can be largely predicted and prevented. The Community Memorial Health System of Ventura, California offers a free HeartAware Online Heart Risk Assessment tool to evaluate your risk of cardiovascular disease, including congestive heart disease. It is designed to take about seven minutes. The purpose of it, of course, is help people know if they are at risk for heart disease and how to get help if they are and reduce their level of risk. They site also offers assements for stroke, prediabetes, weight, lung and stress.

Noni Juice Facts and Benefits
Noni juice has for years caused much talk in the health industry because it is used in a variety of ways to treat so many conditions. Traditional healers claim that the fruit can be eaten or consumed as a juice, or added to basic recipes, for the purposes of warding off arthritis, rheumatic disease, the effects of aging, tuberculosis, and other illnesses. Traditional healers use noni plant parts to treat other conditions; the leaves are wrapped around arthritic joints, applied to the forehead to ease a headache, or brewed into tea to sip as a tonic. The stem bark and green leaves are crushed and strained to produce a liquid to treat urinary tract problems and as a general tonic. Noni is used topically as well for blemishes and boils to draw out puss. It can be put together with salt and applied to cuts and broken bones to accelerate healing.


Let a Chiropractor Help You in Pregnancy If you're pregnant, Expectant Mothers Guide serves as an excellent resource for up-to-date articles on the relevancy of chiropractic care during pregnancy. Given the hormonal changes that take place in a woman’s body during this time, it's no surprise that certain conditions may become exacerbated. Sciatica, low back pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome are a few examples of instances in which pregnancy-related hormones wreak havoc and subluxations occur. This is where a chiropractor can help. These articles detail these and other related health issues, offering readers a better perspective and arming them with information to make educated choices about their pre-natal care. For a Los Angeles chiropractor, see Cooper Chiropractic Wellness Center on the westside near Santa Monica.

A Timeline of Health—From 20s through 60s
Whether you are 25 or 55 this timeline created by wellHello shows the progression of age and what you need to lookout for as you get older. The site suggests that women should start healthy habits as soon as possible, but encourages setting up these habits even if you are older. Each 10-year increment tells the reader how they should proceed with health needs and what to look out for. If you're in the Aspen area and seek a chef that specializes in healthy food, look into Aspen personal chef Flourish who cooks nutritional, vegan and fresh food.


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