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Children’s Eating Disorders: What to Know, What to Avoid
This article discusses various types of eating disorders, with respect to children and teens with eating disorders. "Eating problems and disorders are more common in girls than boys, but people from all backgrounds and of all ages can suffer too, " the article says. "Eating problems and disorders are not just about food, they are about feelings." More links are provided for information about what friends and family can do to help a kid with an eating disorder, the benefit of in-patient units, and how kids can cope with an eating disorder.

Keeping Infants Safe Around Puppies
In this post by trainer Jennifer Warner Jacobsen, who works at AdoptAPpet.com, she explains some very important factors to consider to families with babies who would like to adopt a new dog or a puppy. Ms. Jacobsen discussed the importance of choosing the ages of puppies and babies before they can be allowed to live together in the same house. To make sure that the baby is safe, proper introduction of the baby to the dog should be observed and must be under very strict supervision. There are also tips on what adults should teach their young children as they grow up with the puppy.


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For Healthier Kids

Teens Helping Other Teens with Alcohol or Drug Problems
Specifically geared to teens, this website discusses how teens can help other teens with drug or alcohol problems. The Center for Health Communication of the Harvard School of Public Health put out this site, which features a podcast, brochures, posters and other information to help teens determine what they can do. In addition, it gives teenagers tips to tell if their friend has a drinking or drug problem, which include getting drunk or high on a regular basis, and lying about how much substance they consume.

For Some Kids, Eating at Lunchroom Cafeteria Tables Can Be Dangerous
Most children and their parents take eating their noon meal at a lunchroom cafeteria table as being a routine part of the school day. For children who live with food allergies, having a meal at school may be fraught with danger. Check out this web site to read true accounts of what kids who have food allergies live with every day and how dangerous food allergies can be. The stories serve as a reminder to parents and teachers that they must be constantly vigilant in keeping kids safe.

Why Physical Activity is Necessary in Children
Physical inactivity has become a serious problem in the U.S., as more than half of U.S. adults do not meet recommended levels of moderate physical activity. Inactivity has been found to be more prevalent among those with lower income and education, and, beginning in adolescence. Inactivity, also known as sedentism, begins early in life, which means having active toddlers, children and teens is imperative. This site explains why children need exercise, and how they can get it.

Get Tips for Helping a Teen Girl Develop Self-Confidence
If you want to help your teen daughter feel better about herself, check out the suggestions offered on this informative web page. They are easy to incorporate without having to get into a heavy-duty discussion about self-esteem issues. Find out how to talk to her about being a good friend, what is going on with her body, and how to help your daughter develop a positive body image.

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